What people are saying...


Eric Ortiz

CPS Energy

"If accuracy, quality, and innovation are essential to you or your business, I highly recommend Gayle's expertise as a coach and speaker. Staying on the top of our game is critical to our success. In her motivational speech, Gayle addressed applicable topics, one being "Stop take a deep breath and analyze situation" ... Her energetic personality and interactive coaching style engaged the whole team. Great speaker, awesome performance."


Katharine Frey 

Crossover Health

"Dr. Gayle Timberlake is a passionate and engaging speaker and coach.  Contagiously optimistic, her resounding and wholehearted “Yes!” to life’s opportunities redirects the automatic “no” of her clients’ inner critic and saboteur when challenges arise. Gayle energetically combines deep intuition, amazing wisdom and a fabulous business background for executives seeking to navigate the corporate maze as whole persons who desire to live authentic and inspiring lives."


Christie Melonson

Behavioral Health & Higher Education Leadership

"Dr.Gayle's life coaching service is spectacular! By working with her I am able to formulate concrete goals around my personal and professional life and to make big and successful life changes in a short amount of time. I am always comfortable and feel respected when working with her. She uses my time well and provides additional reading material that is also very helpful."


Marissa Luna

SWBC Mortage

Dr. Gayle is a unique authority as a speaker and coach. She focuses on increasing resilience and incorporating minor shifts, in focus and energy, that result in transformational change. By helping me reach inside and evaluate my circumstances, one by one, I was able to overcome stagnation in my personal and professional life. I feel more proactive and less overwhelmed by life’s challenges. Gayle’s insight is truly a gift from God. I’m ready to take on the world!

Meagan 3.jpg

Meagan Ulmer

Frontier Alliance International 

Unchartered territories used to cripple me in my entrepreneurial endeavors, but after a coaching with Dr. Timberlake, I was able to pivot and make changes without fear of the unknown. I forged international alliances that empowered my profession—in global health and missional work—and incorporated leadership skills that enhanced my sense of purpose. The growth I attained in emotional and mental capacity set me up to be a healthy pioneering leader in my generation.

Marshall 2.jpg

Marshall Curtis

Missionary & Entrepreneur

Dr. Gayle is consummate professional with a wealth of experience. Her discernment guided me to see my obstacles clearly while experiencing freedom from past traumas. I was at a crossroads in life and needed help to move forward. With new clarity, I am building a life that fuses my passion for ministry with my desire to do business that funds the Gospel. I think of two Proverbs, Gayle models both. “The tongue of the wise brings healing.” And, “wisdom rests in the heart of a man of understanding.”