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 Rhythms is an Occasional Email Update Exploring the Customs & Traditions
of the Earliest Christians

Celebrations shaped the weekly and annual calendar of the earliest Christians. Each event had a way of deepening relationships, increasing trust, clarifying identity and cultivating joy. The same events that shaped their calendar are available today. Let's explore them together!

Rhythms is brought to you by Simka Global.
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In Hebrew "Simka" means "joy," a superpower that combats fear, banishes anger, and disrupts confrontation. Providentially, a treasure trove of joy, inherited from the first Church,
comes packaged with our
Christian heritage.

Simka Global is an educational and travel ministry that connects people with their Hebrew heritage and their cultural biblical inheritance through travel, workshops, retreats and educational material.

Look for news about upcoming membership opportunities, events, classes, and travel to ancient locations including Israel, Turkey and the Middle East. Click here to follow us on social media.

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