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Open Your Eyes to an Old World of Wonder
Engage with the unique cultures and travel with like-minded friends, new and old. 

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Having Breakfast in Cappadocia

ISRAEL OCT 29 - Nov 7


TURKEY APR 20-30 2024

The richness of the Middle Eastern faith of Jesus and the cultural impact of his legacy is something we often miss. Simka Global crafts individually inspired small boutique global adventures where world-class archeological scholarship meets fine travel. Watch Bible promises come to life in venues that renew your mind, promote creativity, and stimulate faith. Experience the places Jesus, his ancestors and predecessors lived and impacted the world. Leave inspired with deep revelation for the path ahead. For individuals, organizations, teams and families. Come explore your Biblical cultural heritage with us. Space is limited.

Dr. Gayle Timberlake lived and studied in Israel and has a Ph.D. in Second Temple Judaism. Read Gayle's bio here.


Dr. Gayle and her team curated a once in a lifetime experience. What a privilege. This is a trip you must not miss! Word!


D. McCarley

It was the best time of my life and was truly life changing. From the moment we arrived until the time we left, places I'd read about came to life.

J. Leland

I understand much better the history of the Jews and the miracle of having a place to come home to. Thank you Gayle for this amazing experience.

B. Towell

Gayle tailor-made our adventure. Her knowledge and personal connections made it a memorable experience I'll treasure for the rest of my life.

J. Carroll

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Simka Global is an educational and travel ministry that connects people with the timeless traditions of Jesus through travel, workshops, retreats and educational experiences.

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