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Open Your Eyes to an Old World of Wonder

Life is too short to miss the good stuff, like intentional living that brings meaning and purpose. That's why Simka Global created travel and training opportunities to inspire you to tap into your passions and reclaim a sense of unquenchable joy ("simka" in Hebrew). It's my purpose to be that guide that knows the way and helps you go after it. I'll show you how to make gains you've always wanted by gleaning the best from the culture and lifestyle of the earliest Christians. Are you ready?

Let's start our journey together. 

“My wife and I had the privilege to travel to Israel with Gayle and Simka Global in early 2020. The trip was life-changing for both of us. Being able to be present in the places where Jesus walked and lived his life while on earth help helped us to grow significantly in our faith.  It has also helped in my prayer life because I now have a much more personal connection to Jesus from the experience.” S. Barr

Dr. Gayle Timberlake is the CEO and Founder of Simka Foundation. She lived and studied in Israel and has a Ph.D. in Second Temple Judaism, and guides leaders and their teams to experience exponential joy at work and home.  Read Gayle's bio here.

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Simka Global is an educational and travel ministry that connects people with the timeless traditions of Jesus through travel, workshops, retreats and educational experiences.  

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