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Wonders of Israel Tour 2023

2023 Tour Details

Travel Dates:                             

Destination Tour I:     Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion Airport

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MARCH 2024  

       Preliminary Itinerary-at-a-Glance

01. Day

Arrive and overnight in Tel Aviv

02. Day

Explore & Overnight, Sea of Galilee

03. Day

Explore & Overnight, Sea of Galilee

04. Day

Explore & Overnight, Sea of Galilee

05. Day

Explore & Overnight, Jerusalem

06. Day

Explore & Overnight, Jerusalem

07. Day

Explore & Overnight, Jerusalem

08. Day

Explore & Overnight, Jerusalem

09. Day

Explore & Overnight, Jerusalem

10. Day

Overview & Depart from Tel Aviv late evening

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Itinerary Highlights

          Pricing & Registration

Prices per person/listed in USD
Tour I - Jan 29 - Feb 7, 2023
Tour II - October 8-17, 2023 
Tour III - May 2023 - Turkey

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Join Dr. Gayle Timberlake in the new year on the WONDERS OF ISRAEL 2023 tour. In our lifetime, there has never been a more important time to visit the Land of Israel. Ancient stone pathways where Jesus walked still tell stories that transform those who visit the place He called home. On the Wonders of Israel tour Winter 2023, you'll touch places of miracles, again and again. You'll walk along the shores of the Kinneret in Galilee, view the ruins of Herod's palace in the Mediterranean, and dip your toes in the Dead Sea, the lowest place on the planet. You'll meet holocaust survivors, and embark on an agricultural expedition while perceiving the world of the Bible in a whole new way. You'll encourage IDF soldiers on post, share Shabbat dinner in the home of our Orthodox Jewish friends and sense God's goodness, power and joy everywhere you go. This is Israel. Our partner in adventure, Keshet Journeys, delivers unparalleled journeys for Kingdom leaders around the world. With Keshet on our team, 4.5 star boutique hotel accommodations, among Israel's finest, await your arrival. These luxurious accommodations come a with culinary flair to please even the most discerning palate. Full itinerary available above. Space is limited. RESERVE YOUR SPACE NOW!


Double occupancy room /

Single Supplement Available upon Request


per person


Double occupancy /

Single Supplement Available upon Request


per person

          Price Includes

9 overnight stays in Israel's finest boutique hotels 

Transportation by deluxe coach

Licensed, local Israeli tour guide with 30+ years experience 

Daily breakfast and dinner

Shabbat Dinner in the home of Orthodox Jewish friends 

All entrance fees, gratuities, taxes according to the itinerary

Tips for driver, guide and local hotel staff

Access to all relevant tour information

Group zoom gathering before departure

Daily gatherings and prayer/worship each morning

Ph.D. level teachings, insights and explanations

        Price Excludes

Travel insurance

Personal Expenses

       Reserve Your Space

Most of us enjoy a rich personal relationship with Jesus, Yeshua as he was known by his friends. Our depth of relationship grows as we spend time in the Word. Yet, the cultural heritage and lifestyle of Yeshua and the earliest Christians is uncharted territory. We hear you! At Simka Global believe engagement with the Hebrew cultural heritage of Jesus not only draws us nearer to the King of King, but nurtures a space in our hearts for fantastic spiritual renewal. Each day on the WONDERS OF ISRAEL 2023 tour, we'll delve into the Land, and the customs and traditions of Yeshua's first followers. It's like finding an treasure chest that's always been yours. Hidden in plain sight, this is your cultural spiritual inheritance. Spring to life in your intimacy with Him as you access the inheritance that's been yours all along. Get ready for a cultural and spiritual adventure like no other!

The Bible will come alive as you walk the land of God where the prophets walked, the heroes of the Bible, the disciples, and the Messiah Himself!  Sail on the Sea of Galilee!  Be Baptized in the Jordan River! Behold the Holy City of Jerusalem!  Be anointed on the Mount of Olives!  And so much more – All while getting blessed with teachings from Dr. Gayle Timberlake and Israeli leaders familiar with the Land, the people, and the language of Jesus. If you’ve been before or are coming for the first time, there’s something spectacular waiting for you.

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